Cyber AI, what is normal? Ein Hinweis für Ihr IT-Immunsystem


Darktrace – Partnerinterview des Monats

Darktrace ist Anbieter von KI-basierter Cybersicherheit. Basierend auf dem menschlichen Immunsystem ist ihre Technologie die weltweit führende KI für Unternehmen. Das Darktrace Tool schützt Unternehmensnetzwerke, Cloud- und virtuelle Umgebungen, IoT und ICS, die Lösung erkennt Cyberbedrohungen in Echtzeit, völlig eigenständig, und wehrt diese ab.

Frühes Aufdecken heißt der Rettungsplan, wir sind von diesem Ansatz überzeugt und sind seit Oktober 2019 Partner von Darktrace in Österreich. Poppy Gustafsson gegründete 2013 das heute weltweit agierende Unternehmen in Großbritannien, auch in EMEA sitzt eine Frau als Managing Director am Steuer, wir sprachen mit Katie Newton in unserem Partnerinterview des Monats.


ITSDONE: When did you start working for Darktrace? What were your aspirations when first starting to work in Cyber Security?

KATIE NEWTON: I have been working at Darktrace for nearly 6 years, since the company was founded. When I first started, my biggest motivations were to be working in a fast paced and constantly changing industry.

ITSDONE: Darktrace’s USP in one sentence?

KATIE NEWTON: Darktrace has created the world’s first AI that can autonomously respond to cyber-attacks that are in progress, before a human spots them.

ITSDONE: Which cyber attacks do you consider most harmful for companies and why?

KATIE NEWTON: Cyber-criminals have moved beyond straightforward data theft and using critical data as valuable bargaining chips for extortion, to tampering with data sets such that trust in the data is undermined. If we cannot trust the data that underpins our technology dependent world, then faith in critical services and institutions is disrupted too.

ITSDONE: Worst case scenario: what happens with companies which do not invest in analyzing their “immune” system as you professionally suggest?

KATIE NEWTON: As the entire world comes online, modern cyber-threats threaten not just our most sensitive data, but also the very infrastructure we rely on to ensure our safety – from life-saving medical IoT devices to autonomous sensors within smart cities.

Cyber-criminals are still winning too many battles in the ongoing war for control of the digital enterprise. And with the ramifications of these attacks bleeding into physical operations and safety, now is the time for organizations to fundamentally change tact.

ITSDONE: Can you give us a “real” example of your work: explain to us the worst case ever experienced in your company in terms of “dimension of attack”!

KATIE NEWTON: The WannaCry ransomware in 2017 was only successfully stopped using AI technology. We are in a brave new world of cyber – and intelligent, autonomous cyber AI has to be our first line of defense.

ITSDONE: Is there a critical company size to test your services?

KATIE NEWTON: Darktrace has no need to be selective about clients, as every organisation, regardless of size or industry, needs cyber security given the increasing scale and sophistication of threats. The Enterprise Immune System is inherently scalable, and can cover from two to ten million devices, and so grows with the organisation. Moreover, the Enterprise Immune System is appropriate for organisations in all industry verticals, and uptake has been seen across retail, telecommunications, healthcare, government and defence, transport, energy and utilities, non-profit, legal, and financial services.

ITSDONE: How can a company test your service?

KATIE NEWTON: Developing a reliable AI system that works at the scale, speed and level of accuracy that Darktrace does, is a major engineering feat, and is helping enterprises and institutions fight the developing cyber-threat. Instead of telling organisations that the technology works in the real world, we give them a 30-day free trial, designed to demonstrate the AI in action, within the context of their unique digital environment.

ITSDONE: Thanks for the interview, Mrs. Newton!


Darktrace 30 Tage kostenlos testen

Um das Service von Darktrace kostenlos zu testen, können Sie sich gerne an wenden.


Photo by K. Newton


22 Oct
Cyber AI, what is normal? Ein Hinweis für Ihr IT-Immunsystem