Apple Mac Support


More and more companies are outsourcing their Mac Support. We at ITSDONE already manage 2,500 Macs every day.

The upward trend towards Management, Marketing and Sales departments using Mac devices continues. For many IT departments however, the satisfactory integration of Mac devices into the existing IT infrastructure can prove to be a difficult task. The internal costs are not feasible. This is where our Apple Mac Support Service comes in.

We manage the Mac infrastructure for you – fast, professional and automated.


Our Team:
  • Austrian Mac Client Engineering Team (Support language DE/EN)
  • Management of approximately 2,500 Mac servers and clients worldwide (2011 model series and higher/younger)


Services / Benefits:
  • 2nd and 3rd Level Mac client and server management
  • Integration of Mac devices into the overall IT infrastructure
  • High level of guidelines, standards and automation tools


Technical Mac Services:
  • Problem analysis and correction of error patterns (2nd/3rd level)
  • Software and Image Deployment/Device Enrollment for Mac, MacBooks, iPads and iPhones [JAMF JSS, Deploy-Studio]
  • Enterprise Mobility Management for mobile devices of all platforms (2nd/3rd level) with VMware Airwatch
  • Application and Life-cycle Management
  • Device Encryption and Enterprise Integration Services


All of the above mentioned products can be managed in the cloud or on premise, depending on the client’s needs.

Do you have further questions or would you like a detailed offer? Simply use our chat or the contact form.

15 Jan
Apple Mac Support