We manage hybrid environments such as multi-cloud environments, running both traditional, container-based and cloud-native workloads.

From the central administration of your program code, automatic provisioning of entire system landscapes, the automation of processes, to complete monitoring with the right monitoring tool, our ITSDONE Cloud Management & Automation team will answer all your questions.

Our Toolset

Customized Solutions and Consulting

Container Technology

Solution Consulting

Our specialists offer Kubernetes, Docker, PodMan, Cri-O insights and know-how around other great container technologies as well as consulting for solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Container technology is a fast moving area – new trends, new tools and new services. This is where we come in. We will help you find the right solution for your needs.


Environment Setup

We offer support with automation and standardization as well as modular setups, resulting in cost effectiveness, stability as well as (near to) zero downtime usage of your environment. On-premises, cloud hybrid or multi-cloud solutions – it’s your choice.


Federation and Multi Cloud
  • Data center failovers
  • Cluster failovers
  • One API to deploy applications everywhere
  • One view to see everything
  • Cost effective use of clouds and on-premises
  • Mixing resources and using the best

Kubernetes running in federation and/or multi-cloud/hybrid setups give you the advantage you need to be able to run applications stable, cost-effective and with near to zero or even zero downtime, no matter what happens.

On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Architecture

On-premises data centers are usually expensive. Cloud data centers (if used like on-premises data centers) are sometimes even more expensive.

So why add cloud resources to your existing on-premises data centers or migrate to cloud?

  • fast scalable environments
  • cost-saving in an environment with temporary high loads
  • implementing failover scenarios at low cost
  • Cloud providers must take care of hardware outages
  • Internet issues are taken care of by the cloud providers
  • in a multi-cloud setup, you can even failover between clouds
  • Moving between clouds is cost-saving
  • Special features like TPUs (30 times faster than GPU) at Google for machine learning are available

Improving Existing Environments

Never get rid of your existing setup!

We improve your existing environments so that you can make use of everything you need without overrunning your budget. Further, we will improve your TCO (total cost of ownership) for your environment by leveraging its best capabilities and adding standardization, automation, and extensibility through our offerings with multi-cloud solutions.

Developer Workshops and Preparations

We offer workshops and support for your developers in order to prepare them for the new way of working, getting them ready for cloud native and the future of application development.