Cloud & Automation

We manage hybrid environments such as multi-cloud environments, running both traditional, container-based and cloud-native workloads.

From the central administration of your program code, automatic provisioning of entire system landscapes, the automation of processes, to complete monitoring with the right monitoring tool, our ITSDONE Cloud Management & Automation team will answer all your questions.

Our Toolset

Customized Solutions and Consulting

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation allows businesses to automate and robotize structured, rule based and repetitive tasks minimizing the need of human interaction.

We support your RPA implementations throughout the entire life cycle. Starting with business processes analysis and ROI calculation, throughout the whole implementation projects, ending up with maintenance and operations activities and ongoing support.

We utilize industry standard RPA platforms like UIPathMicrosoft Power Automate or BluePrism. We cooperate with certified top-class professionals for the whole life cycle of our projects to assure highest quality and ROI of our solutions.


Clients mostly automate processes in:

  • Finance & Accounting (PO, Invoicing, Payment processing, Quote Management, Reporting, a.s.o.)
  • Supply Chain (Contracts, Demand & Supply, Inventory management, a.s.o)
  • HR Services (Recruitment process, On & Off boarding, Payroll, Effort booking)
  • Customer Service (Document processing, Order & Inquiry management, Customer interactions, Chatbots)


We robotize and automatize processes on these platforms:

  • SAP
  • Atlassian suite
  • MS Outlook, Excel and other MS Office tools
  • Web browsers
  • Custom APIs

Centralized Logging

System Landscapes get bigger, transform to new technologies and their complexity rises constantly. More complexity means more individual data by every device, host, server, appliance, or application running.


The Problem

Each component generates its own log file, making it difficult to query certain events across multiple components.


The Solution

Centralized Logging serves the purpose to manage all logs provided by applications or infrastructure. These logs are text files and contain every information from past events up to events happening now.

It enables the aggregation of log files of each component in a Log Management “Hub”. The log events are transmitted to the hub at runtime. Storing data is a must, however log data can change over time while applications get developed further. Analysis will be easier since logs are centrally stored, and all relevant logs can be queried by the user.

Container Technology

Solution Consulting

Our specialists for cubernets, containers, classic VM setups, monitoring, git, CI/CD and automation (Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management) offer know-how about these and other technologies. Furthermore, we are happy to consult you on solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.


Environment Setup

We offer support with automation and standardization as well as modular setups, resulting in cost effectiveness, stability as well as (near to) zero downtime usage of your environment. A wide range of solution options are available, whether on-premises, cloud-hybrid or multi-cloud solutions.


Federation and Multi Cloud
  • Cluster failovers
  • Cost-efficient use of different cloud providers
  • Efficient and cost-effective deployment of cloud resources and use of the cloud services best suited to your needs

Kubernetes running in federation and/or multi-cloud/hybrid setups gives you the advantage you need to be able to run applications stable, cost-effective and with near to zero or even zero downtime.

On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Architecture

The cost of an on-premises data center is typically high, but if you add or migrate to a cloud provider and continue to use your resources as you would on-premises, the cost can get even higher.

This often raises the question why add cloud resources to existing data centers or migrate to the cloud at all?

  • Cloud environments that scale easily and quickly
  • Precise scaling at high load to keep costs as low as possible without compromising performance
  • Implementation of various failover scenarios
  • Hardware care and maintenance are taken over by the cloud providers
  • Multi-cloud setups to use the most qualified resources from each cloud provider for your project

Improving Existing Environments

We can help you optimize your existing environments so that you only use the resources you really need to efficiently use your existing budget. In addition, we improve your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by standardizing/automating existing processes as far as possible.

Developer Workshops and Preparations

We offer workshops and support for your developers in order to prepare them for the new way of working, getting them ready for cloud native and the future of application development.

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