AVD: Ein virtueller Arbeitsplatz der Kosten einspart

AVD: a virtual workplace that saves costs

November 24, 2021 3:22 pm | Published by

What Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is and how it can save your company money.

We talk to Gabriel Wernbacher, Head of Cloud & Automation at ITSDONE. As part of the Leadership Board, he and his team of 60 experts are the right people to talk to when it comes to cloud solutions and cost optimization.


The trend towards clouds and digital worlds is omnipresent. Especially in current times, it is becoming apparent how useful a virtual workplace is where employees can work together regardless of location. In the following, Gabriel Wernbacher explains what Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is all about and why no company should be without a digital workplace.


Gabriel, what is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop allows employees to access desktop and applications from almost anywhere. In doing so, multiple users can work simultaneously on a Windows 10 virtual machine. Thus, Azure Virtual Desktop creates new possibilities and offers a modern and mobile workplace.

In addition, users have access to comprehensive security capabilities that proactively detect threats and take appropriate action. In addition to the practical features, Azure Virtual Desktop also saves a lot of money. Compared to traditional virtual desktop solutions such as Citrix, VmWare or Horizon, licensing and hardware operating costs can be reduced. This results in savings in CAPEX and OPEX.


What goals must a cloud-based service like Azure Virtual Desktop meet?

Basically, the requirement for a virtual desktop can be summed up in one sentence: Easy and secure access to corporate resources – from any device, at any time. A virtual desktop should be familiar to users so that they can find their way around without any problems. For this reason, we at ITSDONE rely on the universally familiar Windows 10 or Windows 11 interface.


What functions and features does Azure Virtual Desktop from Microsoft offer?

The functions of AVD are extremely wide-ranging. Probably the most important feature is secure access from anywhere in the world, including multi-factor authentication to verify via email, phone number or app that it really is the authorized user. Alternatively, employees can log in via passwordless sign-in and then don’t even need their password, just their smartphone at hand.

Furthermore, it is essential that the user environment is constantly accessible and secure. Adapting and adjusting various settings is also quick and easy with Microsoft Software Center Configuration Manager.


How can costs be saved with Azure Virtual Desktop?

When deploying virtual desktops, computing and storage costs usually account for around 70 percent of the total costs.

Here’s a quick example: Assuming a company wants to rent a virtual desktop for 100 users – with traditional “pay as you go” models, they pay around 31 euros per user per month. If the virtual desktop is reserved for 1 or 3 years in advance, these costs drop to around 20 and 14 euros respectively.

To reduce costs and at the same time optimize productivity, it is necessary to automate processes and workflows.

Back to our example: With the help of our AVD automation, this cost can be reduced to 9 Euro per user. This is achieved by an automatic adjustment of the hosts. In other words, excess power is reduced and therefore you only have to pay for what is actually used.

Using resources more effectively also means saving CO2 emissions. “Green IT” is the goal of advancing technology with a special focus on sustainability. In this way, technological progress and environmental protection can be reconciled.


Why should companies choose ITSDONE?

My colleagues and I have been familiar with the implementations of Azure Virtual Desktop solutions since the early days. Through so-called “public previews”, we have been involved since the beginning and know what is important during implementation and support. Together with my team, I have already realized and successfully implemented many Virtual Desktop projects with up to 600 concurrent users. In some cases, we are still responsible for the operation of these environments. We have extensive experience and are happy to create new perspectives together with customers.


Do you have questions about Azure Virtual Desktop cost optimization or need support in implementing virtual desktops? We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.


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This post was written by Jacqueline Windisch