‘bee’ Part of ITSDONE

We are constantly looking for new colleagues who fit our company. So why not combine the search with a corporate social responsibility initiative? Since bees and our environment are very important to us, we have selected PROJEKT 2028 by Hektar Nektar as our current CSR initiative.

We support the bee protection initiative with the purchase of honey giveaways and subsequently also with bee colony sponsorships.

With every unsolicited application we receive, we donate to PROJEKT 2028. Furthermore, every applicant invited to a second interview and every new ITSDONE employee receives a honey giveaway.


About Hektar Nektar and PROJEKT 2028

Hektar Nektar is the largest digital initiative to increase the number of bees. Hektar Nektar was founded by brothers Mark and Martin Poreda and is the initiator of several solutions to the problem of declining bee populations.

First the brothers developed the digital marketplace for buying and selling bees for beekeepers from Germany and Austria. Since the end of 2018, the bee protection initiative PROJEKT 2028 has also been in existence, with the aim of increasing the honeybee population by ten percent in the next ten years.

How is this goal to be achieved? By supporting those who care for, maintain, and multiply our bees: the beekeepers.


Source: https://www.hektarnektar.com/de

27 Aug
‘bee’ Part of ITSDONE