Calling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams combines calling, chats, meetings and online collaboration in one app. “ALL IN ONE COMMUNICATION” is what Microsoft’s employees in Austria like to call it. Closely followed by “ONE TRUSTED PROVIDER“. They are right about that.

Microsoft is pursuing a disruptive approach in this product segment – well aware that in most medium-sized companies, the telephone system is technologically outdated and the annual maintenance fees end up in the payment process only reluctantly. ALL IN ONE COMMUNICATION and ONE TRUSTED PROVIDER hit the nerve of many CEOs and IT managers right on target. 

Microsoft will be successful with this approach. The prerequisite is a widespread distribution and use of Microsoft Teams in the area of messaging and meetings.  

Whether Microsoft’s own calling plans or the interaction with an innovative business telecom infrastructure provider such as yuutel will prevail will soon become apparent. 


We at ITSDONE deliver a complete package to our customers: 

  • Survey of M365 usage and telephone requirements
  • Technical conception incl. pricing models
  • Demo GUI, functions etc.
  • Implementation


Management Summary: 

  • For small and medium-sized companies with M365 usage, Microsoft’s calling solution can be recommended without reservation.
  • More complex requirements need the cooperation of a Microsoft partner and an experienced business telecom infrastructure provider.
  • The appropriate technical concepts and pricing models vary. It is therefore important to check the individual telephone requirements against the current options, e.g. SLAs, simultaneous connections, number of users, calling volume, and much more.
  • The integrative advantages of the Microsoft Best in Suite approach are confirmed.
  • Microsoft Teams Calling is complex and needs Microsoft partners with experience.


ITSDONE has been involved with Microsoft Teams Calling at an early stage and has established a national and international network of experts and successfully implemented projects in the SME sector. 


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26 Nov
Calling in Microsoft Teams