Coronavirus: WVD ensures business continuity

The first coronavirus cases in Austria are confirmed. Well-known companies issue travel bans for employees and have visitors confirm their health in writing. Organizers are desperately struggling with the “no-shows” and some events are cancelled immediately.

While this information ends up in our tickers, mailboxes and Teams channels, we are building a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution from Vienna for hundreds of employees in Italy to enable the business of one of our customers to continue from any device. Previously, a four-digit number of users in China were brought back online in the same way in just a few days. The operation continues.

Employees who are not used to working on the move can continue their work securely and unrestricted with WVD via Google Chrome Books, tablets, smartphones and home PCs – that’s business continuity in a very real world that nobody wanted to be so real.

We help to successfully meet today’s challenges with innovative technology. For further information on WVD please contact our Inside Sales Team.


Product information:

WVD is a service for desktop and app virtualization running in the public cloud (DaaS). Availability, productivity, security/compliance and cost savings are the main reasons for its deployment. IDC presents growth rates of 32.1% in the IDC Worldwide Desktop-as-a-Service Software Forecast, 2017-2021 (Robert Young, June 2017, IDC).




Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection

27 Feb
Coronavirus: WVD ensures business continuity