GAB – Interview with Harald Ehrl

As part of our interview series with our partners of the month, we are pleased to do an interview with Harald Ehrl, Managing Director at GAB Enterprise IT Solutions, today.


ITSDONE: Mr. Ehrl, let’s start with your eight Microsoft Gold competences. Congratulations. Do you have a passion for collecting?

Harald Ehrl: When it comes to Microsoft Gold Stati, yes! Seriously, our statuses are an expression of our years of expertise in complex IT infrastructures.

ITSDONE: You are one of the best-known international representatives of a 100% cloud approach, meaning Businesses no longer need network and server infrastructure. What exactly do you mean by this?

Harald Ehrl: Companies still need an infrastructure, but they do not need their own. They simply rent the infrastructure they need, to the extent and with the performance they need right now. Thus far the construction and maintenance of IT infrastructures was sometimes accompanied by huge investments that somehow had to pay for themselves. Partly because of this, some of these companies have been slow to react to changes. IAAS and SAAS solutions, especially from Microsoft, enable companies to react to changing market conditions much more flexible, while always having a high performing and accessible infrastructure at one’s disposal.

ITSDONE: How long have you been pursuing this technological approach?

Harald Ehrl: We have always monitored delevopments in the IT industry carefully. The development of cloud-based infrastructures began to emerge about ten years ago. We have accompanied this development from the very beginning, step by step, and have always stayed in sync with the pulse of time.

ITSDONE: As early as 2016, our SAP consultants migrated productive SAP Enterprise solutions to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Is cloud-based SAP the missing puzzle piece for your international customers?

Harald EhrlUntil now SAP on Azure was a missing piece of the puzzle and a very important one for our customers. Because as long as “mission-critical” applications such as the software suites from SAP are not relocated to the cloud, the flexible and cost-efficient “cloud-only” idea remains a dream.

ITSDONE: What are the advantages of your Digital Transformation projects for your customers?

Harald Ehrl: There are various advantages for our customers. On the one hand, our transformation projects help save money and improve productivity. On the other hand, and unfortunately that is difficult to measure, we are constantly experiencing that some of our customers’ digitization projects are showing potentials that the customer did not recognize previously.

ITSDONE: Your IT Consulting Services build on the Microsoft portfolio. What distinguishes Microsoft currently?

Harald Ehrl: What sets Microsoft apart is its consistent focus on the cloud. Microsoft has built an impressive infrastructure over the last few years and can offer its customers a high-performance, highly accessible and scalable global infrastructure.

ITSDONE: How will IT services evolve over the next few years?

Harald Ehrl: Hmm, that is difficult to tell. From a purely technological point of view, the cloud-only approach can already be implemented extensively in many companies today. However, I believe that it will take some time for corporate leaders to get used to it. Keyword Industry 4.0: There will be no machine learning without cloud computing. The sooner the industry understands this principle, the sooner we can anticipate corresponding developments.

ITSDONE: Mr. Ehrl, thank you for the interview and we are looking forward to a good cooperation.

Harald Ehrl: The pleasure is all mine!


ITSDONE and GAB Enterprise IT Solutions maintain an SAP on Azure service partnership.

16 Apr
GAB – Interview with Harald Ehrl