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Increased Cloud Security with Privileged Identity Management

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PRIVILEGED IDENTITY MANAGEMENT (PIM) to protect your cloud resources

Privileged Identity Management is an Azure AD role-based authorization system. Companies can use it to secure their administrator accounts and subsequently also all relevant cloud resources. 

Even if external attackers gain access to the Azure portal with stolen or captured login data, PIM can ensure that the attacker does not gain access to the resources or sensitive information. 

The special feature: the administrator accounts of the employees no longer have permanent active administrator roles. They must activate them after logging in using multifactor authentication. In addition, the activation is always time-bound – for example, for four or eight hours. So the employees can activate the required role during their workday, but after the preconfigured time, the elevated role is automatically deactivated. 

PIM is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries that work with the Microsoft cloud service Azure and for whom the security of their data is a top priority.  



In addition to the security aspect, there are other benefits: 

  • time-bound assignment of administrator roles for the implementation of projects – the duration of the role assignment can be set variably
  • even more security by requesting an approval before a role is activated.
  • requesting a justification when the employee activates a role – for example a ticket number – to log what work is being done.
  • Email notification when an administrator role is activated.


Prerequisite for the implementation of PRIVILEGED IDENTITY MANAGEMENT

The prerequisite for PIM is the “Azure AD Premium P2” license from Microsoft. This is available separately or is included in other Microsoft license packages. 

If the security of your cloud resources is important to you

ITSDONE supports you in the implementation of Privileged Identity Management to increase the cloud security in your company. 

From licensing advice, to implementing and assigning the necessary roles, to training your employees, we take the necessary steps to implement PIM in your company. 



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