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Our clients verify over and over again that innovations have a proven influence on business profits. Our success is based on a combination of new ideas, new technologies, and a wide range of SAP module expertise. These things allow us to create prototypes with technology partners, and we receive clarity early on about market opportunities, product ideas, and improvements.

  • Joint development of new business and product ideas through Design Thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods
  • New technologies such as data glasses, wearables, Smartwatch Apps und ProGlove®
  • SAP Solution expertise
  • Creation of  Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

ITSDONE RFID Solution with Microsoft Azure Cloud

See how our ITSDONE RFID solution uses radio frequency identification for goods and products. All relevant data including photos of the goods and products are collected on the RFID labels. This ensures seamless shipment within a companies’ ERP-System. The solution is available for SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 HANA. Subsequently connections to other ERP systems will be available. The Microsoft Azure Cloud solution can be implemented quickly and put into operation without any configuration. Contact us for more information.

ITSDONE P2L Solution

Learn about the advantages of our modern ITSDONE P2L – Pick to Light – system solution for intelligent product assembling. It is a paperless picking system, that works digitally based on projectors and QR codes. It can also be integrated in common ERP systems. Automatic configuration of the assembly table and high level image recognition reduce implementation and quality assurance costs. Contact us for your own P2L solution.

Design Thinking Workshop

With the Design Thinking method, we help companies break out of their classic thought patterns and use alternative approaches to finding solutions.

After a short introduction to the principles of Design Thinking, we jump right into thinking about the problem. Prototype tests are conducted during the workshops to quickly evaluate the sustainability of the solutions. As a conclusion, a photo protocol is provided in addition to the protocols with the results of each individual step.

Workshops are designed for 3 to 5 participants. Optimally equipped rooms are available in the ITSDONE HQ office in Vienna so that Design Thinking workshops can be held in a convincing way. We can also hold workshops externally.


This method works well for quickly presenting and working out complex scenarios in a fun way. The participants plan things like new business strategies, they develop or optimize team cooperation, or they analyze crisis situations and design solutions for those situations. Research has shown that thinking processes combined with physical movement, especially with our hands, but also with our senses, lead to a deeper and more sustainable understanding of the environment and its options.

Our certified LSP moderators (ITSDONE) moderate the workshops and manage the LSP process in such a way that the goals of the workshop are achieved by the participants themselves.

We also use this method in prototyping phases of Design Thinking workshops.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The term minimum viable product (MVP) comes from the lean startup concept. MVPs are created with minimal effort and are the first minimal product capable of functioning that provides clarity at an early stage about the market opportunities of the product idea. Product ideas can be reviewed with the help of MVPs, market niches can be tested, and clients can be actively included.

We help you create MVPs:

  • Fine-tuning your MVP idea
  • MVP conception and realization
  • Researching for technical feasibility
  • Creating an evaluation matrix for MVPs
  • Presentation within the company

Using our SAP solution core competency, we combine your existing SAP solutions with new technologies such as data glasses, wearables, smartwatch apps, ProGlove® etc. We develop MVPs from these things for package optimization, maintenance, warehouse optimization, RFID scenarios, and much more.