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We stand for professional IT support, providing services and billing in a transparent way, and a direct contact person. We have more than 100 technical, specialized IT employees who take care of more than 4,000 servers, 17,000 clients, and process more than 10,000 tickets per month. Our success is based on the interaction of IT architects, 24/7 support, specialist knowledge, and organizational guidelines and processes.

We cover the entire spectrum of IT services for small and medium-sized enterprise clients with our service portfolio (from infrastructure to client support). Large clients from a wide range of industries also appreciate our technical expertise and are some of our long-standing clients. Interesting, predictable, flexible price models (hourly pools, lump sums, at-cost billing, or ticket-based billing) complete our range of services.

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Our Successes Year
Acquisition of NorthBridge IT Solutions GmbH 2016
DELL EMC Titanium Partner 2017
ITSDONE Services GmbH broke the 100-employee mark 2017
VMware Enterprise Solution Provider 2017


IT maturity level survey and evaluation according to ITIL

It is difficult to create an in-house, technical, objective overview of your own IT operation since your own view is often based on your daily challenges. Take a step back with us.

We offer you a structured survey of the current IT maturity level of your company. Resulting in a graphic representation and explanation of your maturity level model according to ITIL. This gives us the direction (road map) and priority of project initiatives and milestone plans to eliminate weak points.


Open-Source Solutions

Deployed correctly, open-source products offer a cost-effective, customized solution. With our project experience, we can help you launch open-source solutions such as OTRS (ITSM), Nagios (monitoring), Cacti (reporting), and OraApps.


Infrastructure Services

A modern IT infrastructure is a complex issue. Extra dimensions have been added, especially in a time of hybrid cloud services. Increasingly demanding the interaction of IT architects, 24/7 support, specific technical expertise (such as networks), and organizational guidelines and processes (such as security).

We completely cover all IT agendas as an essential IT partner of many small and medium-sized companies. Large companies appreciate our technical expertise. 24/7 support, cloud management (Azure, AWS), virtualization, operating systems, O365, infrastructure (facility, hardware, storage, and backup), database, printers, etc.

Client Support

A call, email, or web inquiry is enough for an ITSDONE employee to help you with your work station device. Friendly, specific, and competent. We put emphasis on a well-trained client support team so that your requests are not just forwarded. We offer remote / on-site support, troubleshooting, client rollouts, MS Office support, and smartphone / tablet support.

Our client engineering team performs automated software deployment for thousands of Windows and Mac work station devices. Ideally, this is done without any interruptions and unnoticed for end-users. That is our commitment to quality.

Night Shift Support

Our lights are still on when everyone else is sleeping. We take on IT tasks and perform them for you in the night. When your workday begins, everything is finished. You will receive a report from us about the work performed for you during the night.

A short overview of our night shift support activities:

  • System checks
  • Manual reboots of service landscapes
  • Azure management
  • Job management
  • Ticket management
  • Patching activities
  • Backups
  • Data transfers
  • Reporting
  • Reporting error handling
  • DB management
  • Archiving, etc.

System-/Service Management

As a client of ITSDONE, you enjoy the privilege of having a direct contact person. Your service manager takes care of all of your operational, sales, and contractual needs.

We are careful to fulfill our responsibility of operating your IT systems. Our goal is to log every warning and every system error early on using our monitoring system, to classify events correctly, and to handle them in a transparent way in our ticketing tool (ITSM) until they are solved. Technical information that is required for processing is stored in our integrated configuration management database (CMDB). We come to an agreement with you about information regarding the criticalness and effect of your systems. They have a direct effect on priorities and the SLA. Your client portal provides an updated view of our work and costs incurred. We provide services and billing in a way that is 100% transparent.

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