ITSDONE is 18 and part of the CONVOTIS Group

We are not only celebrating our 18th anniversary, but we are also proud to inform you about the latest development that ITSDONE is now part of the CONVOTIS Group and has thus laid a solid foundation for expansion in the German-speaking region.


Part of CONVOTIS Group: high quality business solutions and managed IT services

The CONVOTIS subsidiaries are leading providers of innovative and high-quality business solutions and managed IT services in the DACH region. Through the integration of ITSDONE, the company expands in one step to Austria, Slovakia and Romania. This strengthens its competencies in the managed service area and SAP. For us as ITSDONE, it opens the doors to the German market.


Well-considered portfolio expansion, digitalization of your management processes

Our strategic considerations have always been strongly influenced towards expansion in the German-speaking region, which is now made possible by this merger. For the owners of ITSDONE this was an essential step, ITSDONE can further develop the portfolio and grow steadily as part of a bigger whole, furthermore we can offer our customers an even bigger portfolio.

500 IT specialists distributed over 10 locations in 5 countries enable the optimal service performance for our customers.

Building on the basic infrastructure of a company, the CONVOTIS Group offers services for the digitalization of management processes.

This includes Modern Workplace, Cloud Services, IT Security and the full support of the IT infrastructure. Building on this, the digitalization of business processes such as ERP, FIBU, HR management processes or even content management systems is optimized.

From the implementation of the appropriate business solution to complete business process outsourcing, the CONVOTIS Group is a strategic partner for all its customers.

Nothing will change for you as a client in the ongoing business and from now on we can support you even better in optimizing your IT-based business processes.



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06 Oct
ITSDONE is 18 and part of the CONVOTIS Group