ITSDONE – Rank 108 of the Top 1001

ITSDONE further ahead in IT ranking: Rank 108 of the Top 1001 in “Computerwelt”

The annual ranking of the Top 1001 IT companies has just been published by “Computerwelt” magazine.

ITSDONE is again at the top, the turnover-oriented evaluation shows few changes in the top ranks, where you can find all the large, international ITK companies and system houses.

With a few exceptions, sales have risen and the demand for these services seems to remain unbroken in the age of digitalization. This means that local, revenue-stable service providers are slipping back in the ranking. At constant capacity utilization, we are pleased to be ranked 108 out of 1001.

Welcome to your IT future!


Source: Computerwelt, 28.8.2019

28 Aug
ITSDONE – Rank 108 of the Top 1001