Microsoft goes green

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030


Microsoft U.S. headquarters has just announced a new plan to reduce and ultimately remove Microsoft’s carbon footprint. The main focus is on the reduction or complete avoidance of CO2 emissions, which is to be implemented within the next decade.

Particularly ambitious is the long-term goal of removing all the carbon from the environment the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption, since it was founded in 1975.

A Climate Innovation Fund, which Microsoft has endowed with one billion US dollars (!), is to enable a comprehensive package of measures, such as intensive research and development to reduce and avoid CO2. This know-how will then also be passed on along Microsoft’s value chain to increase the global impact. In this way, partners and customers in particular can also contribute to achieving the ambitious climate targets.

Stefan Fischer, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ITSDONE, about the commitment: “We are pleased to have such a strong partner in Microsoft and are making our contribution here. ITSDONE is committed to the MS Cloud strategy, which promotes environmental protection as data centers are centrally operated and energy efficient, which also results in more innovation and security. We visited a data center ourselves last year, where energy efficiency and ecological considerations regarding renewable energies are in the focus. For example, there is no air conditioning there, but cooling is provided by air circulation. ” And this is just the beginning.


From the Microsoft press release: “The world’s climate experts agree that the world must take urgent action to reduce emissions. Ultimately, we must achieve ‘net zero’ emissions, which means that humanity must eliminate as much carbon as it emits each year. This requires aggressive approaches, new technologies that do not exist today, and innovative public policies. It is an ambitious – even bold – goal, but science tells us that it is a goal of fundamental importance for every human being living today and for every generation to come.”


Source: Microsoft Blog, January 16th, 2020, “Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030”



27 Jan
Microsoft goes green