Microsoft Partner Pledge

ITSDONE is now part of the Microsoft Partner Pledge!


It’s official: ITSDONE has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. We are excited about the possibilities of modern technologies and its benefits for society. At the same time, we know that transformative technologies require conscious and responsible use. In a future where technology makes it easier to live together in a society, it is important to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to help shape developments and innovations. Together with our partner Microsoft, we are pursuing the following goals:


Digital Skills

Knowledge and know-how are needed to survive in the digital age. In the context of the “fourth industrial revolution”, in which production processes are being merged with modern and intelligent communication technology, it must be possible to guarantee that people are aware of their responsibilities.

Initiatives such as Microsoft Skills and the Microsoft Learn platform create a place where people can learn about the challenges of technological change. At the same time, they can find well-founded approaches to solutions and assistance for a future in which our technological innovations are handled responsibly.



The fact is that the technology sector is still dominated by men. We want to change that! Together with Microsoft, we want to create a diverse working world that both reflects and supports our society.

We firmly believe that diversity leads to better technology and new innovations. In an age where content can be found all over the world, the teams that create it should also represent a cross-section of potential recipients. Changing the industry requires trailblazers like us who live and love that diversity.


Responsive and Ethical AI

The development and implementation of artificial intelligence brings with it many new opportunities, such as automating processes. However, to ensure that we don’t lose control of our technology brought into being in a few years, as seen in various Hollywood movies, we need to be responsible with new innovations.

Microsoft’s AI for Good project addresses the question of how artificial intelligence can take place in a conscientious and ethical way. Among other things, it looks at how the use of artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on our planet and human health.



In order to leave our children and grandchildren the same world we grew up in, we need to take responsibility. The term “Green IT” deals with how the complete life cycle of IT hardware, from production and use to disposal, can be designed to be as resource-efficient as possible.

In the area of software, too, resources can be used more efficiently through modern cloud solutions. Together with our partner Microsoft, we are committed to sustainability and reducing CO₂ emissions in the IT industry.


Ready for the future

We at ITSDONE and our partner Microsoft are convinced that the countries that will succeed in the future will be those that use new technologies efficiently and responsibly, and also at the same time ensure that all people are given the same opportunities to make the most of tomorrow’s possibilities.


We have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge and are happy to be part of the mission!


23 Nov
Microsoft Partner Pledge