Microsoft Surface Hub 2S – test it now!

Test the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S for a 14-day trial period, free of charge.


As Microsoft Austria Partner of the Year 2019, we have now actively included the Surface and Surface Hub segment into our portfolio. In order to demonstrate the functionalities and experience the Surface Hub 2S live, we offer you a free 14-day trial period, including delivery, assembly, integration and introduction.


Surface Hub 2S features: 

  • Thin and sleek, Surface Hub 2S integrates into any workspace
  • From conference rooms to open spaces, go wherever ideas strike with the mobile stand and battery
  • Brainstorm together in Microsoft Whiteboard, and collaborate across devices
  • Project wirelessly to share content with Miracast, and sign in to access Office 365 files
  • Everyone is seen, heard, and can actively participate with 4K Surface Hub 2 Camera, far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers, and a brilliant, 4K+ resolution screen


ITSDONE on-site services:

  • Delivery and assembly (with Steelcase Roam™)
  • Integration into the customer’s Microsoft 365 enviroment* (if available and/or possible)
  • Introduction of key users in common application scenarios
  • Ongoing support over the 14-day trial period as required (e.g. via Microsoft Teams)
  • Optional: Special applications for vertical industries with relevance


Register today for a free trial of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S via our chat or contact form. You will have fun with one of the most innovative devices of our time!


We’ve also tested the new Surface Hub 2S:


ITSDONE is an authorised Microsoft Surface Hub Partner.


* The involvement of an Office 365 Admin of the customer is required. A “conference room” license is recommended and must be provided by the customer. The customer’s security policies may limit the experience with the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S.

30 Jan
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S – test it now!