Preview: End of IE-Support

Microsoft Edge as the browser of the future

Briefly summarized for all who have not heard it yet.

The days of Internet Explorer are numbered, there are only partial updates for version 11 and there are numerous apps that no longer run on IE11 or will not very soon.

  • IE 11 end of support is on June 15th 2022
    • Microsoft Teams does not support IE11 anymore since November 30th 2020
    • All other M365 Apps will follow on August 17th 2021
    • → after the respective date, M365 apps can no longer be accessed with IE11, or only a slimmed-down range of functions is available
  • Security updates are still available for the latest version of IE


Our recommendation

It is best to switch to Microsoft Edge. It has an integrated Internet Explorer (IE) mode to also be able to call up the pages/applications that still require IE. This mode will be supported until at least 2029.


This Getting Started Guide is a good summary of some cool checklists, deployment steps and configuration options.

As a Microsoft partner, we’ll be happy to assist you with further conversions.



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11 Jun
Preview: End of IE-Support