Onsite Support

Our experience has shown that office workers only partially use the possibilities of the provided IT. There are various reasons for this and various studies have been conducted to prove it.

We achieve the greatest benefit for our customers by regularly doing our rounds, answering questions about MS Teams and giving specific tips and tasks in general about Office 365. This is a productivity gain that pays off after a short time. We call this service “floor walking“. Ask for it!

Of course, we continue to solve client and network problems on site according to the agreed SLAs to resolve interruptions as quickly as possible.

The Onsite Support Team operates out of our offices, we are also happy to provide you with a team directly on site.

Our Offices:

  • Vienna
  • Graz
  • Linz
  • Innsbruck


Our Services:

  • Floor Walking (Office 365)
  • Client Support (laptop, monitor, docking station, printer, Windows, Office 365)
  • Network support (LAN, WLAN, switches, routers)

Floor Walking

With floor walking, a certified trainer comes directly to the office worker’s (trainee) workstation to answer individual questions and to carry out specific scenarios together at the workstation.

First, new functions in the application are explained in theory before the new knowledge is immediately applied to the specific task in the work environment.

If necessary, the trainee applies the new knowledge independently until the next appointment and can ask more detailed questions during the next floor walking session.

Newly acquired theoretical knowledge is immediately applied – in the practical working environment. Request the business case for your Floor Walking here.