SMBs dance #AzureDance

Microsoft’s “best-in-suite” approach with the Microsoft365 and Azure Services portfolio (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS and FaaS) enables especially small and medium-sized businesses to migrate their applications and infrastructure completely into the cloud. Own computer rooms or data centers are a thing of the past.

Numerous SMB customers have already successfully chosen this scenario and can no longer imagine going back.

ITSDONE offers a standardized total package of technology, organizational support, security & compliance and IT controlling, especially for SMEs. This results in the following advantages, among others:

  • Controlled technical installation and migration processes
  • User support and introduction to the “New Way of Working
  • Compliance with legal requirements e.g. GDPR
  • IT security without additional virus software
  • Cost transparency and reduction
  • Microsoft partner landscape
  • Use of innovative services


#AzureDance expresses the joy and emotion when the last systems are successfully switched off. We wish you lots of joy.

#AzureDance Part I
#AzureDance Part II

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18 Nov
SMBs dance #AzureDance