Surface Pro 7+

The original Viennese would have a long drawn-out “na oiso – geht doch” or “zeit wird’s” on his lips. There is nothing to counter this direct and frank expression, especially since the first Surface Pro was introduced eight years ago.

Microsoft headlines it on Jan. 11 as “Introducing Surface Pro 7+ for Business: Purpose-built to empower people, teams and classrooms in the new digital age.” The target audience for the Surface Pro 7+ is management level 1 and 2 as well as upscale front line workers, with the front line lockdown having shifted to lockdown at home.


In a positive and very honest way, Microsoft talks about the “4 key learnings” from discussions with customers and R&D:

  1. The future of working and learning is hybrid and requires more flexibility:

    New working models such as home office, shared spaces, etc. require mobility functionalities such as run times, internet connection, etc.

  2. Connectivity is critical to uninterrupted business operations:

    In addition to the usual differences in Internet speed, a well-formulated security policy prevents WLAN use in public areas. Users without LTE then have the option of using the public WLAN or having to deal with the permanent interruptions of a hotspot. The Surface Pro 7+ has LTE! Yay, somewhat reminiscent of the homage paid to the Apple world when there were finally features that other providers already ranked at the back of the feature list.

  3. Camera to camera is the new face to face:

    It has to be mentioned positively here that Microsoft’s R&D is very intensively occupied with meeting communication. Usage behavior, Harris Poll survey (more than 2000 remote workers) and the findings from more than 30 research projects flow into new features in software and hardware. Filters, Live Reaction, Dynamics, Together Mode, Optical and Digital Lenses, Microphone and much more.

    By the way, the link to “The future of work” given in the source information is worth reading if you are not satisfied with the realization that remote and in-person communication are different.

  4. End to end security from chip to cloud is more critical than ever before:

    The security angle is on E2E and offers a number of built-in security features.


Like the entire Surface product range, the focus is on the corporate sector and education. It combines the advantages of a tablet with the productivity of a laptop.



  • Intel Core i5 and i7 (Tiger Lake)
  • 4 GB up to 16GB
  • 128GB up to 1TB
  • 12,3“
  • USB-A and USB-C
  • SSD removable
  • Platinum Gray, Black


Price: Surface Pro 7+ with LTE starts at $1,149 USD.

Availability: Available now through Microsoft partners and distribution.


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14 Jan
Surface Pro 7+